This is an update I’ve been waiting awhile for. Recently, Tiled has been updated with better support for Object Types. Additionally, the Tile Collision Editor now allows you to set properties on an Object Group or Collision basis. What doess this mean for Tiled2Unity? With earlier versions of the utility it could be cumbersome to manage the different collision types you […]


I’ve said this before but I think the single best feature in Tiled2Unity is the PolygonCollider2D instances that are created from Tiled layers, where the colliders on each tile are merged into one big polygon. Concave edges? Holes? Not a problem. However, some users would like to use the PolygonCollider2D instances created by Tiled2Unity and feed them into […]


Update: Tiled2UnityMac is now available (as of version for Mac OS X with a full-fledged GUI. Happy New Year’s Eve! Over the holidays I decided I was finally going to do something about helping our friends on OSX and Linux systems get Tiled2Unity working within their development environments. I’m now happy to say that a command-line version of Tiled2Unity […]


Hi there and Happy Holidays. I got some glorious free time this Christmas break to finalize a couple of improvements I’ve been working on for Tiled2Unity. As always, you can find the latest version of Tiled2Unity here. Tile Animation Performance I’ve long been embarrassed at how I had originally supported tile animations from Tiled Map […]


If you are building a strategy or RPG style game then there’s a strong chance that you need to get at specific information about each tile placed in the world. Unlike platformers, where tiles are decoration, each tile is an important part of your game logic. In this post I’ll show you two techniques to easily add such […]


Version of Tiled2Unity has just been added to the Tiled2Unity Download Page. This build contains a couple of new features for power-users. You Can Now Put Tiled2Unity Anywhere In Your Unity Project I had originally hardcoded all the scripts that build a prefab from Tiled2Unity to exist at the Assets/Tiled2Unity directory. However, many developers prefer […]


(Note: Isometric artwork is attributed to Yar via Since Tiled2Unity’s release I’ve held firm on not supporting isometric maps due to two reasons: The game developers of days gone were limited to square tilesets and depended on artwork to give the illusion of their view whether it be top-down, side-view, 2.5D, whatever. Isometric (and […]


Note: It’s April 8th again which means my friends at 1 More Castle are hosting Review A Great Game Day. I love this as I feel our hobby and craft can always use more positive energy (especially this past year, ffs) so I’m happy to contribute my own review and honor a game I’ve loved […]