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by Seanba on November 21, 2009

Well, here I am. This blog is something I’ve been thinking of doing for awhile but just now gathered the momentum needed to get it running.  Great.  Now all I have to do is feed it meaningful content and I’m all set.  I have a new found respect for people who actually make something of this.

The Legend Of Zelda: Start Screen Image

My idea for this space is to talk about things that matter to me as a software developer, with a slight bias towards making video games.  In particular I’m looking for ways to optimize the experience and success rate.  This gig is a ton of a fun, but I think we humans have a tendency to make it much more difficult than it needs to be.

While making my opinions/rants/musing public I know I’m probably going to embarrass myself sometimes, but I went to a tough high school, so I can roll with it. I don’t believe I’m especially gifted or anything on this subject … but I do care about my craft a great deal.  Hopefully I’ll write a few things on occasion that resonates well with others.

So welcome to my online tree house.  I’ll get to writing some real material soon.  In the meantime you can read more about me here.

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