Left 4 Dead 2: Last Man On Earth

by Seanba on May 30, 2010

The Left 4 Dead games may very well be my favorite video game of all time now – something I never saw coming when I first heard about the title years ago.

“Multiplayer? Nah, that’s not my bag.”

And look me now – jumping into any game I can find off my friends list. It’s kind of pathetic.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying The Passing add-on since its release and this week’s Mutation, aptly named Last Man On Earth, is a pretty big deal. For the first time ever I’m able to play a version of  L4D as a true single-player experience – and I like it a lot.

Last Man on Earth

It works like this: it’s just you against the Special Infected (sans Boomer). From the L4D blog:

You will become legend to the infected as the last human left.
You are the only Survivor left in the world. No split screen help. No Survivor bots. But don’t worry you aren’t entirely alone. While there are no common Infected, Special Infected will hunt you down and become close, close friends with you.

It’s pretty challenging, but not impossible (Hint: turn subtitles on). You are automatically revived once incapped, but will quickly bleed out if you don’t heal yourself. Valve did a great job capturing the “Holy crap! I just barely freaking made it!” feeling from the multiplayer game. The numerous close-calls have kept me on edge the past couple of evenings (and make up for the much more numerous deaths). It’s a great experience – and there’s no better practice for fighting against the Special Infected mano-a-mano.

Plus, this is a great way to finally beat those campaigns on Expert difficulty without trying to get your friends to commit to 4+ hours per campaign (the bots are completely useless on Expert) or dealing with the rage quit morons on Xbox Live.

Still Something to Prove

Oh, and the finale for The Parish – the one on the bridge – was ridiculously easy. I just ran through the whole thing – even past the Tank, I never saw him – in about 45 seconds. It turns out this will grant you the much vaunted Bridge Over Trebled Slaughter achievement if you don’t have it already.

Go get on it this week while you still can.

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