My Striking Conclusion From One Year of Blogging

by Seanba on November 21, 2010

Writing is hard.

Today marks my first-year anniversary with this blog – and that pretty much sums up my thoughts in three words.

It’s kind of funny I’ve been surprised by this fact as everything I’ve ever thought worth pursuing before has turned out to be a difficult affair:

  • Mastering a musical instrument
  • Speaking a new language
  • Drawing, painting and other fine arts
  • Making video games

By the way, that last example has been an especially sore point for me for years, as the general public tends to think game developers just sit around playing games all day with perhaps the odd task here and there to tighten up the graphics.

So consider this my apology to writing professionals and enthusiasts everywhere. This stuff is crazy hard – just like any other worthy pursuit – and I’m sorry I took it for granted.

But this experiment has taught me there is value at keeping at it, if for no other reason than to be more than just a guy with a résumé. I care about my craft and this is a good forum to grow outside my day job (which has often been a night and weekend job too this past year as we brought Epic Mickey to ship).

So here’s looking forward to year two from a writer trying to suck less. And special thanks to the half-dozen or so industry friends and family members for watching.

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