Split/Second demo looks like a winner

by Seanba on April 26, 2010

Full disclosure: I work for Disney Interactive Studios, so I have a vested interest in seeing that growing part of The Walt Disney Company do well. Then again, as a enthusiastic game player/developer I have a vested interest in seeing every video game developer do well for itself.

Split Second

All that aside, I took a break from my Left 4 Dead addiction this evening and gave Black Rock Studio’s recently released Split/Second Xbox 360 demo a try. I’m usually not one for racing games, but this is something I could totally see myself getting into. I just love the theme of an over-the-top reality-television culture gone mad in a The Running Man meets Days of Thunder kind of way.

The demo is short and doesn’t have multiplayer – both common fare for demos – but it does a pretty good job hooking you in. Plus, I think it proves that Disney means business about taking serious gamers seriously. This is no magical fairy princess adventure (uh … not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Try the demo. The full game hits retail on May 18th. I’ll be playing some online multiplayer for sure that night.

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