Super Metroid Symphony is in Captivity

by Seanba on March 24, 2013

Yeah, yeah, the title is a bit cheesy. (I was originally going to go with “The Galaxy is at Peace with Super Metroid Symphony”.)


This past Tuesday, Black Robinson delivered a synthetic symphony love letter to Metroid fans to mark the 19th anniversary of the Super Metroid release in Japan. I’m a big fan of retro video game music and this now tops out as my favorite album in the genre.

I remember vividly playing Super Metroid for the first time and being totally blown away by the prologue with Samus Aran blinking behind her visor and, my god, the music from that portion is covered in this album in a way that just brings tears to my eyes.

Super Metroid Intro

Thankfully, Blake recreated every single piece of music from the game so every fan can joyfully reflect on their own favorite memories from Super Metroid. It’s hard to believe that just one dude was able to pull off. It’s a tremendous work of art and a labor of love on his part. For video game music fans it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

The album is available on iTunes for the completely undervalued cost of $9.99. I bought it again on Loudr for my gamer geek brother today, setting my own price of $20, not because I’m a nice guy (I am) but so I can share something awesome and, hopefully, do my little part to encourage Blake to give us some more great music.

I’m just blown away by this. It’s excellent.

Super Metroid Symphony by Blake Robinson

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