What The Boss can teach me about game development

by Seanba on January 1, 2010

I barely ever watch broadcast television, much less enjoy it, so it was a nice surprise to accidently come across The Kennedy Center Honors the other evening just long enough to notice that Bruce Springsteen (amongst others) was being inducted.

2009 Kennedy Center inductees

I’ve always liked the man Springsteen, from what little I can really know about the person, but it takes the speech crafting of someone as talented as Jon Stewart (who honored Springsteen that evening) to explain why:

Whenever I see Bruce Springsteen do anything he empties the tank … every time.

Yep, that’s it. I just can’t help but be drawn to someone who has such passion for what they do.

I know it’s a stretch to tie this into the kind of message I want for my blog about making better video game software, but we’re all back at the office in a couple of days after a nice break and I’m thinking of what motivation to bring with me in order to launch the year strong.

Here it is: First, I want to make sure I’m always in the right direction and working on something of good value to me, my team, and our game. And second, once that direction is secured … empty the tank.

There, that’s about the closest I can ever come to a New Year’s resolution. Happy 2010.

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